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During our 40 years the WSSL team has provided shelter for over 40,000 special events world wide... housing people, animals and Warner Shellter Corp tent manufacturing facility in Surrey, BC, Canada.

WSSL Modular used for Warner Shelter Corp Plant

Behind our pre-engineered tents and portable fabric structures are skilled engineers and professionals who understand the need for portable fabric buildings that withstand severe weather conditions. When the 1988 Winter Olympics (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) and the 2002 Winter Olympics (Salt Lake City, Utah) needed large event spaces they turned to WSSL for portable shelter solutions.

Warner Clearspan Modular used for Salt Lake City Olympics, 2002

Since it's genesis in 1974, the forever trendy Arabesque™ Commercial Tent and Joining System, cutting edge tent technology by WSSl , has been the centre of attention for fairs, festivals, exhibitions, garden centers, performance theatres, and luxury events.

1987 Arabesque tent and Joining System1983 Saddle Clear Span Tents

As of 1983, the original 'WARNER PEAK MARQUEE' commercial tent, design by Kurt Ehrich Warner has become an industry standard. Among the first of many satisfied customers worldwide who purchased the original High Peak cross cable tent was the former Hurritent Corporation, also known as Warner Shelter Corp.  They purchased their first Peak Marquee in 1984.

Warner Marquee by WSSL Commercial Tent, Photo courtesy of ABP Location

"Arabesque Tent from WSSL, great for weddings, special events, theatre performances. Also serves as a great bandshell or covered tent" as per City of Marquette

Arabesque Tent Triad Commercial Tent

Peak pole tent, event tent and commercial tents.

WSSL Peak Pole Party and Commercial Tent

WSSL Peak Pole Party Tents can be adapted to accomodate field kitchens or military cantinas.

WSSL Peak Pole Field Kitchen Tent

GIGA-Span commercial tent "ideal for demands for first class venue with no limits, so events could be held anytime, anywhere, from -40C to +40C" as per Marsh Lake.

GIGA-Span Industrial and Commercial Portable BuildingWSSL Industrial and Commercial Pre-Engineered Portable Fabric Buildings

GIGA-Spans utilize interlocking steel trusses covered by a polyurethane fabric that remains supple in extreme cold temperatures. GIGA-Span can be reconfigured and setup at different sites for different application purposes. The GIGA-Span event tent after a corporate event could end up as part of an airport hangar in the Arctic, a portable storage tent or as an emergency shelter in a disaster area.

Tent-X-Span Commercial Fabric Structure

Tent-X-Span: For its 40 years anniversary Warner Shelter Systems Limited WSSL offers to the world of, Special events rentals, Party  rentals, Corporate events, Fairs and Festivals , golf and country clubs:  TENT –X-SPAN “the ultimate Party Rentals tensioned Clearspan Fabric Structure” (Ginette Sedillot and Raymond Trembaly Chapiteaux Montreal Quebec).

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