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Sport demonstration tent
Sport demonstration tent
Sport demonstration tent

127' or 100' Wide x 40' High.

Modules join together to form the building length required.
up to 236 sqm. (2540 sqft) / Module.

Shaped for cover stability.
Mildew and rot resistant.
Roof panels easy to install/remove after frame is erected.
Fire retardant; satisfies ULC-S109 for National Building Code,
also NFPA701 large scale, California Fire Marshal.
Constructed of 19 oz., (290pli) vinyl polyester.

Structural steel tube truss, 55000 psi yield.
Galvanize finish.
Aluminum track for attaching fabric roof panels.
Interchangeable parts.

All galvanized or other wise rust resistant.

Supplied with each cover with convenient handles for lifting.

Frame arches assembled and tipped up.
Bases can be positioned and bolted in place beforehand.
Arches secured with fixed length spreaders.
Roof panels installed after frame is complete.
Wall panels installed/removed separately from roof panels.

Security check tent
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