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The Head Office for Warner Shelter Systems Limited is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada - home of the
Calgary Stampede and host city for the
1988 Winter Olympics. Here, in the foothills of the Rocky
Mountains, some of the most dramatic weather conditions exist, making it an ideal location for research
and development of our fabric-clad structures. 

Founded in 1970 by Kurt Ehrich Warner, P.Eng., WSSL has designed and manufactured quality award winning
tents and fabric clad portable structures for over
40 years.
Warner Shelter Systems Cleaspan Structures are constructed of simple
but durable frames with smooth, graceful fire retardant covers.

All fabric structures are built with interchangeable parts to reduce the need for large volumes of inventory.

The WSSL mission is to provide our customers with honest, exemplary service, timely delivery of tents
and pre-engineered fabric covered buildings that are innovative, attractive,
transportable, easy to erect and will provide maximum comfort and protection.

"The integrity at WSSL is unsurpassed in the Tent Industry" - Spencer G. Etzel, SE Consulting

Research and design for Warner tents and fabrics structures products is carried out on-site using computer-aided structural analysis.
Calgary is the head office for our manufacturing,
sales and rental divisions.
Our knowledgeable sales team understands our customer's
needs. From weather concerns to aesthetic and technical
issues, they will take every step to ensure your project or
event is a success.
All our tents and fabric structures components are manufactured within our facilities. This enables us to react quickly to customer
requests. Close communication between the design,
framing, and fabric-cladding departments assures
highstandards and quality control.
WSSL stocks a large inventory of portable shelters,
pre-engineered tensioned fabric structures as well as other equipment for rental. Working with customers,
we meet their needs and organize
delivery of appropriate packages. Experienced
supervisors assist customer personnel with
the installation of all Warner fabric covered buildings.


  • "Warner Shelter is a highly reputable Calgary business with a world-wide reputation" "Warner Shelters delivers a high quality product and services" as per Calgary Economic Development Authority
  • "We appreciate the creativity and dedication you bring to both your business and our industry, your vision in the products you have developed which have met customer needs and have "pushed the envelope" in the new designs you have come up with to meet very traditional needs, and the quality of your creations which have resulted in industry recognition in the form of IFAI International Achievement Awards" as per Bud Weisbert (IFAI board member) of AR Tech Engineered Fabric Products.
  • "We have used Warner Shelter System structures in the past and found them to be of excellent quality and very fitting for our requirements.  Their service has been outstanding right from ordering through to delivery to after sales support" as per John Blimkie, Chad's Contracting Industrial Services.
  • "Marsh Lake Tents & Events Ltd. has been using Warner Shelter Systems (WSSL) products in our inventory across Canada and Alaska since 1999. WSSL fabric structures have been used in the construction industry, large sporting events, corporate and private events. We have found the products to be well designed, long lasting, of high quality and easy to install. The service, warranty and goodwill of WSSL are excellent." as per Ray Chaykowsky, Marsh Lake Tents and Events Ltd.
  • On behalf of the Handy Group of Companies, we would like to sing your praises. We have dealt with your company for 10 plus years.  Your staff's knowledge and prompt response time has always served us well. The quality of inventory available is refreshing and allows us to offer our customers the best. The accuracy and efficiency when ordering from you, allows us to follow thru on our promises. It is reassuring and a pleasure doing business with a company that operates on like values. We look forward to doing business, always" as per Sara Ghiglione, Handy group of Companies.
  • "We have been using Warner Shelter Systems (WSSL) products across Canada since 1979. The fabric structures have been used in the construction industry and for special events. We have found the products to be well designed, long lasting, of high quality and easy to install. We look forward to working with WSSL, well into the future. Without WSSL we would not be in the successful tent rental company that we are today" as per Virginia Campbell, All Shelter Rentals.
  • "Within three weeks, Warner had delivered a structure with acoustical properties that were in some ways "better than the concert hall" according to one CSO Violinist" as per Christian Badea, music director of the Columbus (OH) Symphony and Evensville Philharmonic.
  • "Kurt...the working relationship your company has extended to us is without question one of the best customer service experiences I have ever incurred. Not only is your product of superior quality, the manner in which you solved our dilemma with our stage cover was outstanding" as per Steve Arveschoug, Pueblo Riverpark Colorado.
  • "We at Fiore TrueValue have been using Warner Shelters. We were sold when we saw one man put it up and take it down, I think in 10 minutes. But these shelter systems have many more advantages, modular design, great look" as per Fiore TrueValue.
  • "Kurt.... it was an honor to work with your group during Stampede-set up and tear down. It made my job alot easier knowing I could count on you and your staff to make Stampede happen" as per Calgary Stampede.
  • "The tent, in a phrase "a big hit" and quite simply, CBC Calgary would have not have been able to make our contribution to this years Stampede with out your support and cooperation. On behalf of the CBC may I once again thank you for your Support of CBC Calgary" as per CBC Alberta.
  • "Kurt....When I met you and your company staff a few years ago at the rental convention, I had no idea that WSSL and its products would make our tent rental business what it is today. The bottom line is you have increased our bottom line with quality products, value and service. I want to thank all of you at WSSL for what, I believe is your commitment to your customers" as per Kitz & Pfeil Inc, Berlin WI, USA.
  • "Kurt....I would like to take this opportunity to let you know we are extremely impressed with the customer service we received from your team at Warner Shelters. Our company participated in the recent Global Petroleum Show and your staff made sure everything went off without a hitch from planning, to tent set-up, to on site maintenance. They went beyond the call of duty and
    even ensured my out of
    WSSL Modular Clearspan Exhibition Tent town colleague from Houston was presented with a white cowboy hat. Having experienced frustrations with many other suppliers at the show, it was refreshing to know there are people out there that care about customer service." as Sandra Shaw, Steward & Stevenson Canada Inc.
  • "The tents have been well received by our customers. New customers have called asking if they could get the same "neat tents - the Warner Tents. Thank you once again for your superior product and very helpful, courteous service" as per David Hinck, Pary Center - Fairfield, NJ, USA.
  • "I have been using WSSL Peak Marquee tents for many years and found them to be of excellent quality and durability" as per Don Ahern, Ahern Rentals, Las Vegas, NV, USA.
  • "Kurt...just a quick note to let you know how happy we are with the tents we have purchased from your company. The quality and the craftsmanship has been outstanding" as per Hollywood Party Rentals, Los Angeles, CA, USA.
  • "Kurt.... I have been involved in the oil industry for 40 years, and I have never received service like this before. You have a great Shelter System, but clearly your strength is your service. Again, I would like to thank everyone at WSSL for going out of their way to help us." as per Murray Palin.
  • "Both Warner Shelters and our research team remain in close contact, with the aim of putting University research in practice for the design and analysis of new fabric structures. I do regard very highly WSSL's work and the dedication to continuing research and development in the area of fabric structures." as per Dr. Andrew Mioduchowski, Proffesor, U of A.
  • "Warner Tents: Great event tents and party tents", "Great service" as per Kirby Nixon, Ideal Party Rentals.
  • "I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank you on behalf of our board of directors and some very excited and appreciative children for your generous in kind sponsorship. Your support will have a postive effect on not only our festival but many other community groups for years to come." as per Gord Osland, Executive Director, Rotorary Okanagan International Childrens Festival
  • "저는 한국에서 텐트사업을 하고 있는데, 초기에 인터넷으로 접하게된  WSSL의 제품이 가격도 적절하며,더구나 사용해 보니 품질이 뛰어나, 지금 서울에서 40km 떨어진 여주라는 지역에 시설했던 텐트 구조물이 10년이나 지난 지금에도 손한번 보지않고도 늠름하게 서 있는걸 보면 정말 대단한 감회가 든다. 처음 한국의 축협관계자들과 WSSL의 공장규모와 회사를 방문키 위해 캘거리에 가서 제품들이 시설되어 있는 곳을 돌아다닌 적이 엊그제 같은데 벌써 십년이 지난 감회가 새롭다.앞으로도 WSSL제품이 전세계적으로 번성하길 바라며, 또한 한국에서도 번성을 기원합니다. WSSL 만세 !! " "Herein I make a story of my experience of WSSL structures as below. I run a tent company in South Korea. I first learned about WSSL through the internet. I figure back then, WSSL offered competitive price for their tents, so I made the contact. We put up a temporary
    Korean Market Place under WSSL Pre-Engineered Fabric Stucture in Yeoju city (40 KM south of Seoul). It has been already ten years, and I am proud to say that we have yet to have any problem with the structure nor any fixtures after the initial set up. I cannot believe how quickly time passes since it feels like yesterday when I took Korean livestock cooperative officials to Calgary to see WSSL. With their great quality and reputation, I sincerely hope WSSL will continue to flourish in global market and Korea. Hail WSSL!" as per JJ Lee (Michael), Sea Yeai Corp. Seoul Korea.
  • Katerine Bazinet - L'équipe de Ski du Québec "Chère madame et monsieur Warner, Je tenais simplement à vous remercier du plus profond du coeur. Grâce à vous et au WSSL Tents , j'ai eu la chance de connaître une saison formidable et surtout de pouvoir faire toutes les compétitions partout au Canada . Vous avez eu confiance en moi et je vous remercie énormement . C'est avec votre aide et le support des gens comme vous qui me donne le goût de donner mon 1OO % à chaque entraînement et de me surpasser lors des compétitions pour donner la meilleure performance . Merci infiniment ! Katrine ! xxx Le nom de mon équipe de ski est l'équipe du Québec" requise par Katrine Bazinet.
  • "Thank you for your continued support of the Tent Rental Division of IFAI and most important, the commercial tent rental industry.." as per Bri Davis, IFAI, Industrial Fabrics Association International
9811-44 Street, SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2C 2P7 ~ 1-800-661-6155 ~ (403) 279-7662 ~ Fax: (403) 236-2633 ~ warner@wssl.com

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