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WSSL 40th Year

In the beginning...

in the 1970's young engineer, Kurt E. Warner as President and majority shareholder, together with  2 younger brothers (Gery and Rolf), started Warner Shell-ter Limited an industrial Shelter business in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada). In 1977 Warner Shell-ter Limited was extra provincially registered in Alberta. In 1979 Kurt, Gery and Warner Shell-Ter Limited, moved from Winnipeg to Vancouver. A subsequent move of Warner Shell-Ter to Calgary in 1981 had established the following companies: Warner Shelter Systems Limited, Calgary, Alberta, Anchor Canvas, Vancouver, BC, Hurritent Corporation, Vancouver, BC, Warner Shelter Corp. Vancouver, BC. All companies were identified in the past by the corporate signature of Warner Fabric Structures. Each company was a separate profit centre and was responsible for the orderly and profitable development of the selected target markets; however, Warner Shelter Systems Limited(WSSL) was in charge of the designing, development and manufacturing of all Warner products. From 1981 to 1994 Warner Shelter Systems Limited was selling its famous products, such as the Marquee Tent, original cross cable high Peak Tent, Warner Marquee, the Arabesque Tent and Joining System (the saddle tent /structure), the Modular Clearspan to Warner Shelter Corp. In February 9 1990 a share exchange happened between Kurt Warner and Gery Warner . The companies have been independent ever since. WSSL has continued to develop and innovate new and pre engineered tensioned fabric structures to cover all type of special events as well as industrial, commercial and agricultural applications.

Awards Received by Warner Shelters over the Years

Premier’s Award for Engineering Design Excellence

IFAI Awards

  • For Modular Clearspan Outstanding Achievement Award in:
    • Party Rental
    • Tent Manufacturing
    • Industrial Application
    • Party and Event Rental
    • Fairs and Exhibition
  • For Arabesque Tent and Joining System (Stagecover)
    • Outstanding Achievement Award for Party Rental Application
  • For Bandshells
    • 1st Place Industrial Applications
  • For Warner Marquee (Original Cross Cable High Peak Tent)
    • 1st Place Award Party Rental
  • For Warner Dome Shelter
    • 2nd Place Award Commercial Fairs
Professional and Trade Associations

IFAI – Industrial Fabrics Association International
RAC – Rental Association of Canada
ARA – American Rental Association
IAAPA – International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions
IFA – International Festivals Association
CMAA – Club Managers of America Association, Allied Member
IHMA – International Hotel Motel Association, Allied Member
ACSA - Alberta Construction Safety Association


Why not ISO?

"ISO 9002 is now obsolete", "ISO 9001 is a quality management standard, not a product quality Standard" "Certification to an ISO 9001 Standard does not guarantee any quality of end products" ... per ISO Geneva , Switzerland

Quality Assurance

WSSL is committed to supplying special event tents and pre-engineered fabric portable buildings of the highest quality. With in house steel, aluminum and fabric production, WSSL has complete control over the manufacturing process to allow for stringent quality control, cost effective operation and minimum waste for ultimate environmental protection.

All our structures are designed, engineered, and manufactured in our CWB certified plant.

Warner Shelter is a quality and engineering driven company. WSSL service and supports its products directly. This way we have full control over the manufacturing and the service process and ensure that Warner Shelter is accountable to the customer before and after the sale.

Here are a few comments about our Commitment to Quality

"Warner Shelter Systems Ltd. has a proven track record of over 31 years in this community, and is known for it's quality products, manufacturing and technology." All Duerr, Mayor of Calgary

"We believe the quality of the product is outstanding, the level of service, excellent and the pricing more than competitive, especially when compared to other suppliers. I say this with great confidence as we have utilized a number of different tents and modular structures from suppliers, locally and abroad, but have found none that compare to the Warner Structures in overall quality performance and price." Randy Fedorak, Spruce Meadows, Alberta

Environmentally Friendly, "Green" Tents

WSSL Family and Staff WSSL Green Yard WSSL Green Yard

The Warner plant is a 70,000 square feet facility situated on a 10 acre partially wooded site. Our WSSL grounds complete with two ponds provides a tranquil setting for our employees as well as for wild birds, foxes, coyotes and other wild animals that often pass through. WSSL is committed to building quality, environmentally friendly fabric covered structures. Our Warner Shelter tents and structures are covered with membranes that allows natural light. Electrical lighting is not necessary during day time use. Warner tents create a very pleasant and natural environment as well as energy saving and are 100% recyclable. No environmental impact in the building or installation of our continuously reusable fabric portable shelters.

Commitment to the Community

At WSSL we believe in our responsibility to contribute back to the Community and do so in a variety of ways:

  • Diversity, inclusion and respect - We strive to create a culture that respects and celebrates diversity, both in terms of our uniqueness as individuals and our sense of belonging. WSSL promotes a respectful and inclusive workplace for all, visible minorities, people with physical disabilities and different sexual orientation. As an International company WSSL provides service in over 10 languages.
  • Charity and Sponsorship - Throughout the years WSSL has contributed to many charities and sponsored many community initiative such as:

Chuck Wagon sponsored by WSSL Place Du Cirque in a WSSL Modular Clearspan, Burkina Faso SAIT Solar Decathalon house inside a WSSL Clearspan

9811-44 Street, SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2C 2P7 ~ 1-800-661-6155 ~ (403) 279-7662 ~ Fax: (403) 236-2633 ~ warner@wssl.com

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