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For over 40 years Kurt Ehrich Warner's Innovative Award Quality tents and Fabric Clad Structures have been ideal solution for Corporate Event, Event Productions, Exhibition Space, Sporting Events, Fairs and Festivals.

WSSL Peak Marquee Tents Photo Gallery Warner Peak Marquee: The original cross cable peak tension tent, a 1984 original design by the Kurt Ehrich Warner, Professional Engineer "the most copied tent in the world" "the most unique design in our industry today" - as per Spencer Etzel, SE Consulting Design.

WSSL Peak Pole Tents Photo Gallery

Warner Peak Pole Tents: Are great solutions for large function of all types. Available in 30', 40', 50', 60', 80', 90' widths. Length can be varied by adding or removing sections. "The Peak Pole design is a great compliment to the same look as Peak Marquee" - as per Spencer Etzel, SE Consulting Design.

WSSL Mod Clearspan Photo Gallery

Warner Modular Clearspan: Often used for large special Events and Festivals, but are equally suitable for warehousing, retail and industrial use and environmental projects. "The flexibility of the structures design during construction amazed me and the Festival Committe. Temperatures reached -28C outdoors during this week long event. But the inside of the party tent structure remained a cozy 68F." as per our customer Grey Cup Festival Committee.

WSSL Arabesque Stagecover Photo Gallery

Warner Arabesque Saddle Shaped Tent: Is a Clearspan Fabric Structure with an image of style, sophistication and grabbing visual element. Ideal for large events, fairs, festivals, the "Arabesque Tent is a Spectacular event tent and venue for special corporate events." as per Executive Vision Inc.

Tent-X-Span structures, by WSSL

Tent-X-Span: For its 40 years anniversary Warner Shelter Systems Limited WSSL offers to the world of, Special events rentals, Party  rentals, Corporate events, Fairs and Festivals , golf and country clubs:  TENT –X-SPAN “the ultimate Party Rentals tensioned Clearspan Fabric Structure” (Ginette Sedillot and Raymond Trembaly Chapiteaux Montreal Quebec).

WSSL GIGA-Span Portable Structures Photo Gallery

Warner GIGA-Span: Pre-Engineered Fabric Covered buildings. For your huge events and festivals. As with all WSSL tents and structures, the component parts are designed for ease of transportation, assembly, erection, and of course, the end customer temporary or semi-permanent use.

WSSL GIGA-Span Portable Structures Photo Gallery

Dome Stagecover: The Dome Stagecover has “… acoustical properties in some ways better than the concert hall in sound and resonance,”As per Montreal Jazz Festival. The award-winning Dome has outstanding acoustics and sight lines. Available in several sizes to accommodate groups of entertainers up to full orchestras.

WSSL Trendy Arabesque Tent and Joining System, Stagecover Event Tent

Creating space and protection from the elements for more than 40, 000 past events around the world. Warner Tents have been covering events such as:

  • Global Petroleum Show
  • Aga Khan 50 years anniversary
  • Spruce Meadows Masters
  • Queen Elizabeth Lunch,
  • Oprah Winfrey O Magazine lunch in 2000
  • Calgary Stampede,
  • Edmonton Klondike,
  • American Idol
  • Montreal Just for Laughs Festival
  • Montreal Jazz Festival
  • Vancouver Childrens Festival
  • Cavalia Show Horse Performance
  • Cemex 100 Years Anniversary
  • PGA Tour San Diego California
  • CFL Grey Cup
  • NFL Super Bowl
  • Alegria Cirque Du Soleil
  • U2
  • Canadian National Exhibition
  • Toronto Virgin Festival
  • Calgary Virgin Festival
  • Montreal Olympics
  • Calgary Olympics
  • Salt lake Olympics
  • In Laws Movie
  • The Score movie
  • Mercedes Launch products
  • Grammy Awards
  • Ottawa international Children Festival
  • Montreal Children Festival
  • Calgary Children Festival
  • Toronto Ontario Place
  • Arctic Games
  • Monster pond Hockey
  • 2002 World special Olympics
  • Canada Winter Games.......and more

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