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Promotional Graphic Tents
Create an impact with eye catching, portable and affordable custom-printed canopies.
A customized tent helps you take branding to the next level. Corporate logos, full coverage,
customized graphics can be printed on any canopy tent. Instant Marquees, Pole Tents,
Arabesque Tents and Modular Clearspan Structures are available in a variety of
styles, shapes and sizes, suitable for virtually any condition and any
graphic design. We offer a number of options that are ideal for use 
at indoor or outdoor event venues. 

WSSL Logo Tent rendering for Corporate Event

We could customize small or large tents with a variety of fabric colors, custom graphics,
full or half walls.Make a statement with Warner's branded tents for your events, corporate
events or event productions.Attract the attention of potential customers while promoting your
branding efforts with the many options, styles, sizes and shapes of Warner‘s portable event tents:

All the Warner brand tents can be customized with your logo to give your event a "Brand New Space"

Phantom Gourmet Peak Marquee tent MQ20H for an outdoor food festival

Arabesque Theatre tents WSSL logo brand tents have been used by Olympics – 1988, 1992, 1996,
Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Gatorade, Imperial tobacco, Just For Laughs Festival, Jazz Festival,
Spruce Meadows, Calgary Stampede, Grand Prix de Montreal, to name just a few.

CFCN / CTV Broadcasting House Branded Logo Clearspan Moduler Tent, angle view, Stampede grounds, CalgaryWSSL MOD Clearspan
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