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Peak Pole Party Tent, Wedding Tent, Chapiteaux Maska

Party Tents

For over 40 years, Kurt Ehrich Warner's innovate, award winning, quality party rentals, tent leading design, have been the number one choice for Rental Companies all over the world.

Stunning, beautiful, dramatic, elegant, Warner Shelter's Tent Products are designed and engineered for safety, durability, performance and profit. WSSL has been supplying party tents, event tents, commerical tents, industrial tents to over 2000 Rental Dealers World Wide.

Peak Pole Party Tent and Wedding Tent, Chapiteaux Maska

From small parties of 100 square feet to huge parties of 200,000 square feet.

GIGA-Span Party and Event Tent

From -40C to +40C, Warner Shelter has you covered with a variety of tent styles, shapes, sizes and colour.

WSSL Peak Marquee Tents Photo Gallery Warner Peak Marquee Party Tent: The original cross cable peak tension tent, a 1984 original design by the Kurt Ehrich Warner "the most copied tent in the world" - Spencer Etzel, SE Consulting. The biggest innovative solution for the Tent Rental industry today. "As compared to the frame tents that we have typically handled, the Warner Marquee sets up in half of the time and with half of the labour. Our customers are giving the tent great reviews as well. They love the design" as per our customer Taylor Rent Party Plus.

WSSL Peak Pole Tents Photo Gallery

Peak Pole Tent Party Tent: "Renting the Twin-Peak Pole Tent’s largest benefit is the impressive space it creates. This rental is eye catching look reflects BC’s coastal mountain peaks and valleys, making it ideal for memorable outdoor events." as per our customer, Apex Tent and Event Rentals.

WSSL Arabesque Stagecover Photo Gallery

Arabesque Theatre PartyTent: "If it's drama you want, this is the structure for you. The fabric is ideal for theatrical lighting projections and the shape is so visually distinct and breathtaking you're guaranteed to get "WOW"s. This environment is perfect for galas, performances, exhibitions festivals, and a variety of other applications." as per our customer Regal Tent Productions.

Tent-X-Span structures, by WSSL

Tent-X-Span: For its 40 years anniversary Warner Shelter Systems Limited WSSL offers to the world of, Special events rentals, Party  rentals, Corporate events, Fairs and Festivals , golf and country clubs:  TENT –X-SPAN “the ultimate Party Rentals tensioned Clearspan Fabric Structure” (Ginette Sedillot and Raymond Trembaly Chapiteaux Montreal Quebec).

WSSL Mod Clearspan Photo Gallery

Modular Clearspan Structure Party Tent: "A structure with strength, good aesthetics and many possiblities" as per Spencer Etzel, SE Consulting, "The Modular Structures produced by Warner Shelter have been in use at Spruce Meadows since 1987 when our "Gardencourt" Restaurant was built using this technology. We have, and continue to use these type of structures as exhibition halls, stabling facilities, grandstand covers and storage buildings." as per our customer Spruce Meadows, Calgary.

WSSL GIGA-Span Portable Structures Photo Gallery

Giga-Span Party Tent:"for a full-package, first-class venue with no limits, so events or party could be held anytime, anywhere.”, "for shelter for 15,000 people if needed" , " when extremely large party spaces are needed, our Party Rental company sets up Modular GIGA-Span structures that can span huge areas without interior supports." as per our customer Marsh Lake Tents and Events.

WSSL GIGA-Span Portable Structures Photo Gallery

Arabesque Party Tent SA-56 Triad: "The Arabesque SA-56 Triad structure is an amalgamation of three tension fabric structures which have been joined together to create a space large enough to hold approximately 2,700 people.", "These structures have a distinct saddle shape, which is truly an attention grabber! The Arabesque can be used on its own or in combination with other tents such as Clear Spans or even other Arabesque pods. Each pod is capable of housing up to 900 guests and can be configured as an eye-catching stage cover or event enclosure." as per customer Regal Tent Productions.

WSSL Tents is a world-leading international manufacturer, distributor, and supplier of party and event tents. To request a quote or contact us for more information on WSSL Tents party tents, rental tents supply, event tents, logo tents, shade structures, fabric structures, commercial tents, industrial tents, agricultural tents, emergency tents or any other products we manufacture, distribute and supply to Canadian, American and international dealers please click here.

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